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Fire extinguishers are commonly used protective devices that can be found in various homes, workplaces, laboratories, and hospitals. There are many different types of fires, so it’s natural that these fires use various fire extinguishers that are specifically designed to deal with this burning. You can find the right

abc fire extinguisher

 type of fire extinguisher for your specific use, understanding the fire extinguishing class or the various classes that meet the requirements of fire extinguishers. There are four main classes of fire extinguishers, which are divided into abc fire extinguisher  All of them are classified by the types of combustible materials that can be removed with them. You can find the right one for you by reading the descriptions below.

Class A

This type is specifically designed to handle any flammable cellulose-based materials. These materials include paper, wood or cardboard, polystyrene foam, plastic, fabrics, and many other cellulose-based materials. You can simply recognize this type by the presence of a green triangle with the letter A inside it, as well as a black square with firewood and a burning trash can. this should pay off fat burning. It is also suitable as a small camping fire extinguisher. These fire extinguishers are further separated in this class by numbers that appear next to the letters. These numbers show how much the device can catch fire.

Class B

Next is a Class B fire extinguisher. A Class B fire extinguisher is great for use with flammable or flammable liquids such as oil and gasoline. Whether you are in a workshop or garage, a class B fire extinguisher can be a great choice for you. The numerical value shared by the various fire extinguishers in this class is proportional to the number of square feet that can be extinguished by the appliance. Thus, you can control the fire that burns gasoline, kerosene, oil, paints, solvents, rubber cement, and everything else. The logo of this type is B inside the red square and a black square with a box of burning gas. It will be ideal to protect the kitchen in your home from fire. It is also an ideal type of fire extinguisher, which can be purchased at a gas station or anywhere else where a flammable liquid is located.

Class C

Class C fire extinguishers are unique in that they are designed to deal with fires associated with electrical equipment, wiring, circuit breakers, or circuits. , It works great for controlling electric fire, for example in a fuse box, computers or electrical devices. You can see a specific fire extinguisher of this type, with the logo of a blue circle with the letter C inside, as well as a square with a cork and a burner. Using water in these fires only significantly increases the risk of electric shock. You must ensure the proper use of fire in many different units where there is a risk of electric shock. These are, in particular, old houses and buildings with lots of electricity. All employees should be trained in this area. Class C fire extinguishers do not conduct electricity, nor do they have a digital classification system, like the classes mentioned above.

Where should fire extinguishers be located?

If the fire extinguisher is not insured against a specific risk, it must be located at key points in the emergency escape routes. Key locations are near fire doors, near the floor or exit from the room, etc. If a fire extinguisher is designed to cover a certain risk, such as a toaster with hot grease in the kitchen, then obviously it should be placed in a room near the danger to which he refers.


Fire extinguishers are not only important, they are necessary to create a safe space, whether you are in the laboratory, at home, or in business. It is important to learn about the different types of fire extinguishers that are available to you and in what situations they are best used. This is one of the best ways to properly protect your home or office from the dangers of fire. To contact, contact your local fire protection company, which can help you in this process.The right kind of fire extinguisher can help you feel safe and make sure others are safe too. For more information about the fire extinguishers that you may need or need for your device or home, you can contact your local fire department or a professional fire safety consultant. They can better help you determine which of these fire extinguishers is better.

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